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Hans SpruijtNombre: Hans Spruijt
País: Netherlands
Introducción: Green Baron

Upadate April 2010

On April 26, 2010, I posted my 1000th picture on TrekLens. On August 17th 2006, almost four years ago I posted my first picture, now 1348 days later number thousand.

Thanks to all the critiques received in the past, I was able to improve the quality of my pictures (I think). Also many thanks for the help of all those TL members who did want to criticize my postings honestly, from a crooked horizon (sometimes even less than a half degree was observed ;-) to poor sharpness, unbalanced poor compositions and unnoticed dust bunnies.

Anyway I'm happy to be here on TL despite the many struggles encountered during the time I'm active member.

Hopefully I can continue my stay here on TL for at least an other four years. Time will tell, but for now I'm not considering to quit.

Looking forward to all your honest critiques, now and in the future!

Update November 2009

After a year of struggle on TL it appears to me TL has become a more friendlier environment, actions taken by the administrators apparently did help, so I still have the energy to continue here on TL after posting more than 900 pictures. Regarding my travel actions last year I became quite busy with visiting many cities in Europe, like Exeter (UK), Nice, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Marseille (France) and Belonga in Italy. A new area which I "explored" was the Nordic, Norway, Sweden and Finland this all thanks to my company who makes it able to see all those different places on the globe, and I happy with it.

Meanwhile I'm not only making new pictures with my Nikon D300 buddy, it's also interesting to check my archive so now and then it's a tip for everybody, keep your photos well organized and when you are not sure about the new pictures get inspired by the old ones, it works for me.

Anyway, I'm on the brink for e new adventure. I have planned a holiday in January and February to Africa (South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Zambia) and as it looks now, I will not fly back home to the Netherlands, but continue my travel to Brazil (San Jose dos Campos, near Sao Paulo) but this time for business this is planned in March 2010. Hope to get some time to see the beauty of this country. Well I really hope TL atmosphere will stay like it is now, let's concentrate the goal: Learning about photography through our world!

Update February 14th 2009 Valentines day

Again an update after more than one year after my last update. Two weeks after my arrival from my wonderful trip through New Zealand.

Well while time is passing by TL is changing, members come and members go, it’s like in real life. Some I see go with a tear in my eyes, that’s the bad thing of change, nevertheless many new friends have joined TL.

Regarding my New Zealand trip, the best ever holiday I ever had thanks due the friends I met and made. I will never forget the hospitality of my Kiwi TL friends Janice, Sweety, Peter, Tim, and Rew and their respective other half . They were so kind to open their doors and offering me a warm bed, a hot meal and a cold beer :-) Also met Dawn any even many more active TL members during a TL meet. Thanks to all these nice people I had a wonderful time.

New Zealand is a gorgeous country and I made more than 12.500 pictures, meanwhile sorted and stored on my external hard drive and DVD’s as back up. The most trouble gave my sensor, to keep it spotless I had to clean it several times. Luckily I have found a new simple process of sensor cleaning; a simple plastic spatula of the width of the sensor, a cheap but effective lens cleaning tissue (glasses cleaning or in Dutch brillenpoets tissues). With the tissue attached to the spatula I cleaned in two strokes (one and back) my sensor. It’s easy and it works perfect. The instructions how I clean my sensor you can find in this WS.

Anyway back to my New Zealand trip. Although I was in total six weeks in that awesome country I easily could spend 6 months. During my trip I visited the Auckland area like the Waitakere rain forest, Pihai beach, Muruwai, Kerekere, Rangitoto, Waiheke island and of course the city of Auckland. Janice, Dawn, Tim, Sweety, they all dragged me around and showed me stunning views of Aotearoa (The land of the long white cloud, the Māori name for New Zealand.

In January I joined the Dutch tour group Djoser to travel from the north side of New Zealand (Bay of Islands) to Rotorua and lake Toupu, via the Tongariro plains to Napier at the Hawkes Bay visiting the gannet colony at Cape Kidnappers. Went more down to Wellington to cross the Cook street with a ferry to land in Picton on the South Island. Visited the Abel Tasman National Park, via the west coast (Greymouth) to the Franz Jozef and Fox glaciers. Stayed two days in Queenstown to travel on to Te Anau, my most south point I reached (in fact is was Manaupuri but I didn’t stayed there from there I traveled north again to finish in Christchurch, my final destination in New Zealand to fly back via AKL and KL to finish on Schiphol Airport after a seven week holiday and a 36 hour flight, tired but happy.

Now busy on TL again. Also during my holiday well known members left, how sad. But also new members joined (welcome my friends!) one of them I will point out a new Dutch member who names herself Anna and who is an enthusiast photographer who joined also the Djoser group in New Zealand.

Well my TL friends, I would say enjoy TL to the fullest!

November 25th 2008

One year later. What can change in one year? Well many many things! Like the real world a lot has changed on TL. People came and people left. Some of them expected some not. There was a period of a nasty atmosphere on TL. Misuse, abuse it all happened. Nevertheless the strong core stayed put! And I’m happy together with many new members the good ambiance is back again! Members who do post great photo’s, members who accept critique, members who are really helpful and indeed members who don’t ...well I (try) to ignore them.

Anyway I’m going on with TL, meanwhile it has become a important part in my life, nevertheless it stays “only a website” as a good friend told me. Well he ‘s right, TL is “only” a website, but it is a website which add something to my life: real friends!

Today I’m busy with preparing for my huge leap to New Zealand. There I hope to meet my TL Kiwi friends Like Sweety, Janice, Dawn, Rew, Peter, Tim and maybe more (the one who I forget to mention :-) Please forgive me...

Leaving on December 13th to Kula Lumpur and arriving at the 17th of December in Auckland I will stay for more than six weeks in NZ….boy I can’t wait really looking forward to this journey.

And you know folks? It will due TL be pre-fun and after-fun too!

Don’t let your spirit down when other people are trying to spoiling your mood, be sure you always have friends on TL when you are a positive member! Post pictures, write notes, accept concrete and constructive critiques en remarks and do the same to other TL members.

Have fun!

Hans “Green Baron” Spruijt

Introducing my Green Baron’s Blog, with Trek Lens as prominent part of it!

Update November 23 2007

As you maybe have noticed, my intro page has changed a bit; no links to other TL-members. It appeared to me that having a members link on my page (or not) might disappoint others, although it is my personal page here on TL. It wasn’t an easy decision to remove the links.

Anyway it’s all about photography, isn’t? So let’s focus on that. It reminds me how my approach to photography has chanced since I’m on TL. Now, two days after my arrival of my South East Asia trekking and checking my 8123 images taken during this trip, I'm much more critical in what is an acceptable image and what isn’t. My philosophy is the following:

1000 shots = 300 rubbish + 200 crap + 200 acceptable + 200 tolerable + 80 reasonable good + 15 good + 3 excellent + 2 stunning (and those last two are a matter of luck :-)

That all in respect of quality of the pictures ánd composition. So you can expect about 60 posting on TL from my Asia 2007 trip, which was by the way a magnificent journey with a fine encounter with Kilted-Arab at Angkor Wat.

So enough for me to improve. Your critiques and comments, all the tips and tricks are most welcome.

So let’s face the following, photography is the (main) subject of TL and TL-friendship is a nice bonus.

Update October 26th in Chiang Rai Thailand

Boy a Thai keyboard is quite difficult fellahs :-)

While on holiday changed my TL intro, removed my TL-friends hyperlinks , not that it are no friends anymore, but I think it is appropriate to "treat" every TL-member in the same way.

When I'm back I will adjust my intro again. By accident I removed my picture too, but nobody will see that as a great los :-)

September 30th

August 21, 2007

My second update after one year TrekLens.

Boy things have changed, particular my view on photography. Starting as a “NoNo” (which I still am, compared with many others) I’m meanwhile able to see what is wrong in my pictures and sometimes I even know how to solve it. Well one thing is for sure; TL has brought me new friends and not only imaginary ones, no real friends, I’m very grateful for that. Also the >Dutch TL-meet in Utrecht was a total success, I thinking about to plan a more international TL-meet, or as follow-up of the Dutch TL-meet to continue with a Europe TL-meet and in the future a Worldwide TL-meet? But were and how to organize it? Any suggestions?

Well my friends, I leave all my other comments as is, its part of my TL-history.

Finally some remarks regarding my closed TL-friends which I own so much and without their encouraging comments I never would have had such a great time on TL.

Here an update of April 21st 2007

My first update since I joined TL on August 17th 2006. Meanwhile I posted almost more than 250 pictures, received more than 5350 comments and the most important change; made a dozen friends on TL. In the same time I learned at lot, got creative ideas by looking to other postings and reading the tips and tricks from fellow members [thanks Anneke]. The pleasure of getting every day (till now) my daily picture, including note ready is a real challenge. For the moment I have posted every day a photo and note. For me notes are as important as photos are, although TL it is a photo site, a posting without a descent note is not interesting enough, unless it is a newbie. Anyhow, the Green Baron is known on TL, and makes me humble. I keep the next part of my introduction unchanged: my journeys were great experiences, but to make nice pictures you do not have to go far away from home necessarily. Look at all those great posting which are “home made’ and what I mean this are not my ‘home made photo’s’ but from my fellow TL-members like Sweety and Wishnugaruda.

A short introduction about who I am: my name is Hans Spruijt aka the Green Baron since I’m on the internet (1998) I use this name. I live in Haarlem the capital city of Noord-Holland in The Netherlands. My job is Technical Representative for KLM Cityhopper the full daughter of KLM keeping myself busy with commuter aircraft maintenance in behalf of the operator. Just a kind of inspector, c.q. technical advisor.

Anyhow: check these themes as well Europe Low Lands and like to travel around the world. Visiting and photographing countries like Egypt, Greece, Italy, Canada, USA, China, Caribbean, Philippines, Iceland, and of course my home country Holland, and lots of pictures from different countries al over Europe. Pleasing myself -and I hope also you as guest- with nice pictures taken during my travels. My most recent long journey was to China. Although before this I've seen a lot of the world (of course not everything there are fortunately enough places left) but China I can tell you is a very interesting part of this globe. As well the people as the countryside and the landscapes are absolutely worthy meeting and seeing. In short China...I love it! But in fact I have the same feelings about Philippines, Greece, UK, Canada, Thailand, USA, Italy, Egypt... And what about Venezuela, Germany, Scotland, Austria, Switzerland Belgium and of course Denmark. Stop! I'm a photographing travel junky!

And it's the same for my native country The Netherlands there you can find so many places which are commendable to visit and to photograph. So conclusion: I don’t live long enough to see al the beauties of this planet earth (and I'm afraid you as reader of this message neither!) but TL can help us -you and me- to see a lot of this great rock in space. And I wish I've had a digital camera with me during my travels before 2003. Now I am on almost daily basis busy with scanning all those nice photos, but the quality...well we have to accept it. At the other hand what mighty wonderful shots I have (seen) from digital cameras. “Long live the SD-card!”

Your critics and kind comments and rewards (already generous donated) are highly appreciated! I’m looking forward to meet a lot of TL-friends on my and your sites.

Enjoy and comment!

TL is a virtual journey along the globe making friends!
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