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joanne bergenwall awNombre: joanne bergenwall aw
País: Singapore

In 2002, I had the idea to write a story named "Home is where my bowl is". It goes something like:

"Bowls, that are used to contain Lui’s favourite steaming noodles, became a symbolic threshold for her memoirs of home. Her replicated experiences of cooking and eating noodles becames offset in the differing environments. The roundness, wellness and warmth a bowl carries becomes a euphoric metaphor for home-making...Home is where my bowl is, home is where my heart is."

At that time I could not imagine an even further migration to Scandinavia. Hearts can build nests in multiple places, recognizing the objects in their specific locations as a sign of home. I am dedicating this space to a warm "trekky" display of personal and intimate images that evoke nostalgic notions and emotions in me - these are a constant for me.

p.s. It's Wonderful TO BE part of this big family HERE and Its FANTASTIC to receive YOUR FEEDBACKS... Hejdå

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