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cal breazNombre: cal breaz
País: Romania
Introducción: calin niculae (cal)

not just hobbies, almost in this order:
furniture, fashion, design
and some other [useful] skills

17.6 years old (multiplied but not too many times)

about photography:

there’s not only one kind of gray, there are so many shades of gray you’d never be able to count them. from all those textured non-colors comes into view through our eyes, mind and heart the whole wonder of this magnificent world full of light, darkness and colors.
technically, if what you ‘see’ in black & white is ok, you may press the shutter and have already taken a good picture. otherwise...

green-eyed story tellers are always busy, it's something usual...

UPDATE on 2007-june-11th
hi there trekkers,

photography = photo (light) + graphos (to write) = to write/draw with light (ancient greek).

I post here, on TL, two types of photos: easy to get/difficult to process and hard to get but easy enough to process. The artistic impression is a chapter which is of no interest to me when rambling on TL as long as I consider this site to be a "technical perspective on photography" - it's about learning how to use the photo equipment, not to become artists, and photography consists of no more than 4 basic rules.
The reason I'm here is very simple: to share some pictures and a few words with people who consider photography to be different of taking snap-shots and make serious efforts to improve their work.
Your opinions are valuable in the same measure in which you read the title and/or the notes when seeing the picture. I reply using the same rule. I'm not a member of any "club" and I really appreciate good photography of whatever kind, not judging things like I used to do when I was ten years old. I'm not trying to impress anybody, but I like to be impressed by what other people are doing. When they work properly.
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